St Lucia Attractions – The green heart of the island

Barre de Isle Trail

The Barre de Isle Trail, named after the spinal mountain ranges, diving the island, is a pleasant 2-3 hours tour providing unforgettable views of sea and forest.

Central Rainforest Walk

In contrast, you have to be very fit to enjoy the Central Rainforest Walk, which is 6 miles long and goes straight through the central highlands, beneath Mount Gimie. With a bit of luck, especially if you are with a small, quiet group, you may spot a rare St Lucian Parrot. It nearly became extinct in the 1970s, but today after strict protective measures, several hundred of the parrots are thriving on the island again.

Union Trail

A lot easier is a walk along the Union Trail, which begins inland from Rodney Bay. This looping, hour-long trail, financed by the state owned Forestry and Land Department, also includes a medicinal herb garden.

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