Shetland Food

Some of the famous local food – lamb salted and dried in peat fumes, young cod-like fish called piltock salted and dried in same way, are eaten in most Shetland homes, especially in winter. However, these foods are rarely found on uninspired restaurant menus. They can be bought in shops and taken home.

At Lerwick, eating and drinking is done in Lerwick hotels rather than pubs and restaurants. There are not a lot of choice though – Queen’s Hotel, Commercial St, has newly decorated lounge bar; public bar with darts, pool, dominoes; lunches, teas, dinners served in dining room.
The modem Kvelsdro House at Water Lane like plush 1970s equivalent of a goldrush saloon, has comfortable bar thronging with people. Also has restaurant, on the expensive side.

With the effects of North Sea oil (staff wages have to compete with those paid at Sullom Voe), eating out in Shetland can be pricey. Fresh fish and chips are good value – three shops in Lerwick- and the Noost, Commercial St, serves cheap cafeteria-type lunch.

The Golden Coach, Hillhead, Britain’s most northerly Chinese restaurant, makes an inspired and welcome change with home-grown bean sprouts, tasty chicken with ginger and spring onion, sweet and sour pork etc. Long and tempting menu, reasonably priced, is also available for takeaway.

Scottish beef, game and locally caught fish and seafood are served at Chapel House, Mounthooly Street. Semi-self-service lunches are of good value.

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