Hotel of the week: Luxx, Bangkok

This week, our minds have wandered in spirit to the southern hemisphere, where all the sensible folk have been spending January. You get more than a dose of Vitamin D at Luxx in Bangkok

Style Less is more
Setting Shopping-central Silom

Why this week? Smith members booking a stay from now until April can get a whole night free: Luxx’s three for two offer means if you stay Friday and Saturday, you can also stay Thursday or Sunday at no extra cost whatsoever.

Our favourite bits Every Luxx room is comfortably minimalist, with toe-pleasingly warm wooden floors, and harmonious accents of silver and slate. The signature wooden bathtubs are a delightful touch. No pool, no gym, no restaurant, no lobby swarming with guests – this is the perfect boutique alternative to Bangkok’s standard brand of chain-hotel monoliths.

Mr & Mrs Smith say ‘On the outside, only a small neon sign under a concrete awning gives the game away; inside, across a polar-white marble lobby as minimal as the taxi driver’s English, a near-invisible door cut from the teak wall leads us to the bedrooms. The room numbers are formed by shadows. We aren’t surprised to learn that the hotel is favoured by Thai film actresses wishing, shall we say, to stay incognito.

Our room, one of 13, is a smart suite on the second floor, lined in conker-coloured teak and plain white plaster, with a grey-fabric sofa and DVD player (there’s a library of titles to rifle through in the lobby lounge) and a wooden Steptoe-style tub in the bathroom. ‘Very bachelor pad,’ observes Mrs Smith, pointing to a bowl of pink frangipani as the sole feminine touch. I’m forced to concede that, yes, a few doilies would certainly prevent marks on the wood; but we’re both excited by the bedroom, a cool, self-contained world behind sliding doors. It has iPod speakers and a glowing twist of light behind the headboard: we can draw the oyster-grey curtains all around us here, and feel safe while the city steams outside…’

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