Where can I find low fare airline tickets?

Question: Where can I find low fare airline tickets?
Just flew to Houston on Jetblue and it was fantastic, especially with the tv for every seat, 234 round trip. Is there a way to buy low cost airline tickets


Answer by trratut
Kayak.com views all the airlines and usually catches some deal or another.

Question: whats the best travel agency which sells low fare airline tickets going to philippines?


Answer by tanod_2
very hard to beat Flight centre, but you still have to bargain. Best you get the cheapest quote elsewhere and Flight centre will usually beat it

Question: looking for low fare airline tickets?
need the lowest price airline tickets from orlando, florida to los angeles, california – any suggestions?


Answer by chai22
You can try the airline websiytes and there are other places you can compare the airfares, just put in when you want to fly and see which airline come up with the cheapest tickets

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  • jemulock

    I normally use Yahoo Travel and Expedia to get a rough idea of the price. Then I try to book directly from the airline. Ever since 9/11, airlines often offer much better deals than Yahoo Travel or Expedia, and often a lot better than a travel agent. Book direct! I can often fly anywhere, anytime within Asia for $500 return or less, and from Asia to North America for $1000 return. Try to remain loyal to one airline, as they treat returning customers much better and are more likely to offer you the best available ticket price.

  • Tzuki

    Try using Yahoo! FareChase, they search dozens of websites for you, so you dont have to!!! It saves time and money.
    You can also type ‘flights to Houston’ on Yahoo Search, and fill the form that comes up.

  • Grace Anne

    Ticket prices going to the Philippines varies from agency to agency. All travel agents get their tickets from consolidators and consolidators buy airline seats in advance from airlines.

    This is quiet complicated for average people but to cut it short, a good travel agent for going to the Philippines must be owned by someone specializing in that market.

    Our family’s travel agent is http://www.royalvacationstravel.com

    They specialize in airfare tickets to the Philippines from Canada and from Philippines to Canada and the U.S. but still it’s best to shop around.

    Hope this helps.


  • RPM

    It’s really important to compare prices, especially these days! I would suggest trying this travel site to see if they have something to fit your budget;

  • potatochip

    See how much a ticket costs on AirTran or JetBlue. United, American and Delta also should fly that route.

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