The Pleasures Of Going Camping In Pennsylvania

Yellowstone and Yosemite are some of the most renowned and most known by outdoor lovers. Camping in Pennsylvania is not as well known as these other places. Yet, for campers and outdoor lovers alike there are things you should know about the camping and state parks in Pennsylvania.

Most state parks are open seasonal. Pennsylvania has three state parks that are open year round. These parks include Little Pine, Promised Land, and Ole Bull. Since this location is in the upper northeast, these parks get a taste of all the different seasons.

At Promised Land State Park you can go fishing on the 422 acre Promised Lake, then visit in  the winter and ice fish. There is more to do in the winter then you might think. There is  twenty three miles of snowmobile trails and hundreds of trails for cross country skiing. And  not to worry, you won’t have to pitch a camp tent in the snow and cold, cabins are also available.

The seasonal state parks have just as much to offer. The top seven state parks are Champan,  Parker Dam, Gifford Pinchot, Shawnee, Pine Grove Furnace, Prince Gallitzin, and the huge  Pymatuning. Each park has a different flavor. Records show that Pymatuning is one of the most  visited parks in Pennsylvania. It is by far the biggest state park in Pennsylvania being 21,  122 acres. The park has one of the biggest lakes that is well over seventeen thousand acres.

Before any camper voyages to their campsite, they must know the rules and regulations. Pennsylvania parks have textbook rules. These are rules such as no unauthorized fires, this is a for obvious reasons. No alcoholic beverages are allowed at the campsites or the state parks. This may be a bad thing for a few campers, though there are plenty of campsites outside of the state parks where having alcohol is legal. On the up side, the state parks allows pets on premise as long as it is a dog, cat or small caged animal.

Another large attraction for campers is the elk ranges. This is state land that the elk are free to roam and graze about. An elk is much bigger then a deer. A typical male elk can reach a thousand pounds.

If hunting isn’t on the menu, but observing wildlife is you can visit an elk range. Elk are larger then deer and males can weigh up to a thousand pounds. You can drop by one of the ranges near your campsite.

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