E Goli, it is called by the locals – the City of Gold. Johannesburg is the pulsating heart of South Africa’s industrial and commercial life, where more than a mile below bustling city traffic, miners dig for the world’s most precious metal. At street level, stockbrokers and company directors rub shoulders with street vendors and traditional healers. Ultra-modern corporate towers dwarf noisy pavement stalls . Stand on the top floor of the Carlton Center, the city’s highest building and you see tawny mine-dumps and shaft headgears dotting the skyline. Walk the streets of downtown Johannesburg and you find road and building names vividly evoking the gold rush days

Today, Johannesburg forms the hub of sprawling metropolis called the Witwatersrand – Ridge of White Waters, with a rapidly-growing population of almost 5 million. The Witwatersrand is the core of Gauteng, and the place where all the country’s major industries are based – making Johannesburg the undisputed powerhouse of sub-Saharan Africa, if not the entire continent.

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