United States

A land of obvious contrasts, a living paradox or hell, however one wants to define it. The US sums up, coagulates and reveals the multiple and contradictory expressions of the planet earth. Naturally in a country consisting of 50 states with a surface area of 3 600 000 square miles, there is a great variety of different landscapes.

Furthermore, in a country which from East to West has four different time zones (Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific, each with a different of an hour from the next), and which extends from the glaciers of Alaska to the Arizona desert and to the warm beaches of Florida (by no mere chance known as the Sunshine State), visitors who travels by bus or by car has the opportunity of seeing many different varieties of landscape of the United states.

Top United States Destinations

Arizona, Seattle

Lodging in United States

Luxury Hotels and Motels

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