A remaining Carib Settlement of Dominica

Carib Territory

The Carib Territory was set aside for the surviving Caribs today in 1903 by a well-meaning British administrator called Hesketh Bell, who thought they would die out unless they were guaranteed a “reservation” of their own. Today, the Carb Territory is an interesting vacation spot to visit.

L’Escalier Tete-Chien

L’Escalier Tete-Chien (the snake’s staircase), an astounding rock formation that looks like a serpent snake, is situated further southward along this dramatic costliness.

Petit Savanne and Capucin

But while modernity has been embraced by wealthier Dominicans, the Internet, holidays abroad and American TV soaps – there is a characteristic gentleness about Dominican villages, from a southeastern community such as Petit Savanne, set among sweet smelling bay trees, to the breezy hillside of remote Capucin in the north. Church, school, shop are the public face of village life, while the yard remains the center of the family’s economic and social activity; a place to make brooms from the vines, to store provisions such as yam and dasheen, to hang great bananas or to gossip in the cooler hours of the day.

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