Dominica Volcanic Wonders

Trafalgar Falls

Heading inland for 5 miles pas the Roseau Botanical Gardens, you reach Trafalgar Falls – two spectacular waterfalls. They are a 10-minute walk from the tropical gardens and inn at Papillote Wilderness Retreat. You may be besieged by guides here buy you will only need one if you wan to go further than the viewing platform.

Morne Trois Pitons National Park

Trafalgar Falls is on the southeastern edge of the magnificent Morne Trois Pitons National Park which covers 17 000 acres of the southern central part of the island.

Boiling Lake and Valley of Desolation

Those with more than an average dose of energy can hike to the Boiling Lake – the second largest cauldron of bubbling hot water in the world, which lies in the heart of the park. This geographical phenomenon is in fact a flooded fumarole, from where hot gases escape through vents in the earth’s molten crust. It is a tough but extraordinary journey (an 8-hour round trip), which starts at Titou Gorge, close to the village of Laudat (6 miles northeast of Roseau). The track plunges and rises, crosses streams, and climbs up to narrow ridges opening up into a lunar landscape of steaming vents and geysers, hot pools of boiling mud and mineral streams streaked with blue, orange, black and yellow. This is the Valley of Desolation and beyond that the Boiling Lake itself, stirring restlessly within its crater.

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