A relatively new holiday destination, Grenada has an alluring air.

Grenada is a small island where further up in the interior, vast ferns and ancient mahogany trees drip in the humidity.

Grenada known as “Spice Island of the Caribbean” is famous for its nutmeg. When the British brought nutmeg over from East India and together with cinnamon, ginger and cloves, replaced sugar as the island’s main export. The crop still accounts for about a fifth of Grenada’s export earnings and provides a living for many small farmers. Known affectionately as the “retirement tree” as it is thought to guarantee a comfortable old age, the nutmeg tree drops an apricot-like fruit which splits when ripe to reveal its seed and the surrounding red membrane which makes the separate spice, mace.

Top Sites and Attractions

St George – The prettiest capital, Gouyave and surrounding – Spices of Grenadian life, Grenville and surroundings – Nature in the raw, White sand beaches and yachting hideaways


The “intervention”

Lodging in Grenada

Luxury Hotels and Motels

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