London Gardens

London has one of the World’s greenest city centers, full of tree-filled squares and large expanses of grass, some of which have been public lands since medieval times. From the elegant terraces of Regent’s Park to the botanic gardens of Kew, every London garden and park has its own charm and character. Some are ancient crown or public lands, while others were created from the grounds of private houses or disused land. Londoners make the most of the open spaces: for exercise, listening to music or simply escaping the bustle of the city.

Kew Gardens are the world’s premiere botanic gardens. An amazing variety of plants from all over the world is complemented by an array of temples, monuments and a landscaped lake.

Richmond Park, London’s largest royal park, remains unspoiled with roaming deer and magnificent river views.

Regent’s Park has a large boating lake, an open-air theatre and London Zoo. Surrounded by Nash’s graceful Regency buildings, it is one of London’s most civilized retreats.

St James’s Park, in the heart of the city, is a popular escape for office workers. It is also a reserve for wildfowl.

Green park, with its shady trees and benches, offers a cool, restful spot in the heart of London.

Battersea Park is a pleasant riverside site with a man-made boating lake.

Greenwich Park is dominated by the National Maritime Museum. There are fine views from the Old Royal Observatory on the hill top.

Seasonal Best

As winter draws to a close, spectacular drifts of crocuses, daffodils and tulips are to be round peeping above the ground in Green Park and Kew. Easter weekend marks the start of outdoor events with funfairs on many commons and parks.

During the summer months, the parks are packed with picnickers and sunbathers and you can often catch a free open-air concert in St James’s or Regent’s parks. The energetic can play tennis in most parks, swim in Hyde Park’s Serpentine or the ponds on Hampstead Heath, or take rowing boats out on the lakes in Regent’s and Battersea parks.

Autumn brings a different atmosphere, and on 5 November firework displays and bonfires celebrate Guy Fawkes Night.
Winter is a good time to visit the tropical glasshouses and the colorful outdoor winter garden at Kew. If the weather gets really cold, the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens may be fit for ice-skating.

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