London River Thames

The 30 minutes cruise along London River Thames, gives a different perspective on some of London’s historic buildings and sights.

Shell Mex House was built in 1931 on the site of the vast Cecil Hotel.

Temple and the Inns of Court have been offices of lawyers and barristers for over 500 years.

Gabriel’s Wharf, once an industrial area, is a pleasant riverside enclave of craft shops and cafes.

Blackfriars Bridge is adorned with the logo of a former railway company.

The Houses of Parliament were designed by Charles Barry after a fire burnt down the 14th century Palace of Westminster in 1834. The tall tower housing Big Ben dominates the skyline.

Tower of London has an eerie Traitors’ Gate, where prisoners entered the Tower by boat.

HMS Belfast is a World War II cruiser built in 1939. It opened as a naval museum in 1971.

Tower Bridge was built in 1886-1894 and is an easily recognized landmark. It still opens to allow tall ships to pass underneath.

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