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anyone know a good beach house rental company in the outer banks north carolina?

Question: anyone know a good beach house rental company in the outer banks north carolina?
i would like to rent a beach house on the outer banks of north carolina for the week of thanksgiving. anyone know a reputable rental agency that i can contact?


Answer by Andy
I have found to be a very reliable source for vacation rentals. I’ve rented at least 10 different villas/condos/beach houses on this site and I have never been disappointed.

Question: Ahh, need help finding a weekend beach house to rent in Ocean City, Myrtle Beach, or Outer Banks.?
Me and a group of about 9 friends are all looking for a beach house we could rent just for friday – sunday to have a last weekend together before I leave. We had a house lined up before, but it fell through last minute when we thought we would be unable to go, but now the plans are back on. I’m looking for July 29 – Aug 1, and I’ve been frantically searching sites but I can only find houses that are weekly rentals or that are just way too expensive. Anyone have any suggestions on what sites I should look at? The places we can go to are Myrtle Beach, Outer Banks, or Ocean City (Ocean City would be ideal!).


Answer by Dan
My houses are booked, but I would suggest contacting either Sun Realty ( at 1-800-843-2033 or Outer Beaches Realty ( at 1-800-627-3150. Sun Realty covers the entire Outer Banks while Outer Beaches specializes in Hatteras Island.

Question: Vacation Rentals in Outer Banks, NC?
Anyone have suggestions for a website to visit to look at beach houses to rent for a long weekend in Outer Banks/ Nags Head, NC?


Answer by Klatu B. Nikto

Once you drill down to the location you want, you can sort out the amenities that are important to you.

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