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Q&A-Does anyone know a good Plaza/Hotel in Las Vegas that has a Jacuzzi for a reasonable price?

plaza hotel las vegas

Question: Does anyone know a good Plaza/Hotel in Las Vegas that has a Jacuzzi for a reasonable price?
im wanting to go to Vegas for a weekend and am looking for a place to stay that has a Jacuzzi for 2 in it at a reasonable price. any suggestions?


Answer by Michael M
luxor on line has some suites with 30 percent discount on line only.
got an e mail the other day. why not go to the site and see if you would be eligible. they e mail me this all the ti

Question: what is the las vegas hotel and plaza hotel like in downtown las vegas?
i recently stayed the the newly remodeled El Cortez, it was great. i was wondering
what the 2 above down vegas hotels are like, thank you y/apeople.


Answer by Patrick
dumps, dumps, dumps. The only places I would even consider staying Downtown are:

Golden Nugget, Main Street Station, and perhaps the El Cortez.

Question: Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas?
I’ve heard the rooms at the Plaza are a bit tired, worn and dirty. True ? What is your opinion about the Plaza ?


Answer by brix510
From what I’ve seen at the Plaza Hotel – the rooms are decent. They are not as worn and nasty as the neighboring motels and smaller hotels, but if you can dish out $ 10/night – that would open you to other hotels (even on the strip) that are very good and offer a nicer room. In Vegas, unlike other vaction cities, the hotel IS the MAIN attraction.

One thing about the Plaza that is cool is that they are really friendly there and they have all the games that you would want to play – plus if you dont want large crowds from all the tourists on the strip, then it might just be your type of place – just upgrade your room so that its not one of the older or worn rooms.

Good luck with everything and have fun, hope this helps.

Question: How far away is the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas from Charleston Blvd.?


Answer by Jacob W
Four or five miles.


What do you think? Share your opinion.


  • banananose_89117

    Every hotel has deals right now so check their web sites directly like Luxor, Excalibur, Monte Carlo, NYNY, Tropicana, Sahara, Riveria, and Flamingo

  • Bandit

    Everyplace has Jacuzzi rooms available. You can even find some motels near the Las Vegas sign (Las Vegas Blvd. & Main St) that will rent Jacuzzi rooms by the hour. Just do a price shop.

  • Smelly Junk

    NY NY Casino has Jacuzzi Suites @ $ 69 weekday & $ 139 weekend . . even cheaper if you have a players account set up with them (they comped me the jacuzzi last trip)

  • tjdepere2003

    All on the strip have jacuzzi and competitively priced. Phone the places your interested and ask your particular questionings of the managers

  • Thutmose I

    Unless your a senior youre not going to like it!! Haha i would go for golden nugget, the 4-queens or mainstreet and maybe the Fitzgerald but thats it!

  • Holly at Travelocity

    I’m afraid you might be right. I found a couple of reviews on — which I like for the candid and honest opinions of its travelers — and one gave the Plaza two stars (out of five) and the other gave it only one!

    A few choice descriptions from the reviews were that “the rooms were terribly sparse,” “the toilets didn’t flush, the water didn’t drain from the tubs, and you were standing knee deep in water by the time a shower was over,” “arrival was a nightmare,” “the carpets were a little worn,” and “the walls were thin.”

    On the plus side, however, “the pool was basic (and small) but never busy,” “[the hotel] has an excellent location,” “the room was cleaned daily and we were provided fresh towels daily,” and some rooms have “a mountain view.”

    You’ll also find candid photos of the Plaza, which might help. Here’s the link:,

    Hope this helps!

  • spike

    I stayed there last Saturday night, and got a Jr. Suite. They are older rooms, but kept up fine. Remeber, It’s not the Bellagio. Ask for a room facing Fremont Street,

  • paul8562

    I heard the same thing, but my experience with them is that just make sure you get a non smoking room.

    It does have an older smell to it but when I was there the hotel and my room was clean.

    Hope this helps you


  • Sherrie B

    Stayed at the Plaza October of last year…The Room paintings looked like Crayola…Who cares? The Bathroom was very small…but the Toilet flushed and we had plenty of Water! And the shower worked fine! The Tub and Toilet were clean! The Towels were clean and the Maid Service good! Our room looked right down on Fremont street, and to the right was the Swimming Pool…..Check in and out took a total of about 5 minutes, and staff was friendly towards us! There was no noise in our room and there was a room that adjoined us that someone else was in. A 4X4 square of Wall paper had lifted from the wall in our room…I’ll pack some Elmer’s next time, and fix it myself! The carpet was clean, and I was not afraid to walk on it. The Dressing area held a large closet, had a large mirror, and fullsize mirror on the outside of the Dressing Room….which also contained the sink. It made it nice that someone could shower or use the Bathroom while I combed my hair, brushed my teeth etc. The beds were comfortable and the air worked quietly and was very efficient. I would stay again in a blink of an eye! The price was reasonable, and it was very easy to get a Taxi, shuttle, or walk to other casinos…….I did not see any Bums, and Panhandlers at the Doors. These are all the complaints you hear about….There were no Bed bugs! You want to spend $ 200 a night for a room you never see…go to the Strip! Yes, The Plaza is older, and dated probably to the 70’s, but who cares! Our room was Large and comfortable, and my daughter’s boyfriend (they stayed at the Fitzgerald) crashed on one of the beds in our room, and said he thought the room was nicer than theirs and the bed a lot more comfortable! I saw their room, and it was smaller, and a little nicer, but a little more $ $ , and their Air Conditioner was loud! Planning another trip next year and if the Plaza is open for the dates we are there….we’ll be going back!

  • robot_hooker5

    It’s not four or five miles but it is too far to walk, especially as you’d be going through a pretty rough neighborhood. Also, Charleston runs through the entire city, from the eastern edge to the western edge, so you really need to know where on Charleston you want to go.