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Q&A-Discount International Flights from Europe/Romania to Miami/USA?

discount international flights

Question: Discount International Flights from Europe/Romania to Miami/USA?


Answer by mad_antie
haha cool according to ur thing europe is in romania yaaaaaay:D

Question: Does anyone know of an airline that offers student discounts for international flights?
I remember reading about a domestic airline (in the US) that offers student discounts if you call and ask. I don’t remember what the airline is, but I was wondering if any airlines that offer international flights do that?


Answer by tonalc2
It’s not an airline; they don’t offer student discounts. However, there are travel agencies that can arrange for lower fares as they book in bulk blocks of tickets, such as

Question: Flight attendants get discount fare on flight is that just state to state or International flights as well?


Answer by southwestskywaitress
It depends on the airline

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