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Q&A-Whens a good time to travel to Tampa, Florida for cheap airfare?

Question: Whens a good time to travel to Tampa, Florida for cheap airfare?
I want to travel to Tampa to visit some family. I usually fly out of San Diego, Ca or Long Beach, Ca. I have an open schedule, but on a tight budget. I want to be able to stay at least 2 weeks give or take a couple days. Any advice? Thanks!
Thanks CD! Sorry to hear about your parents experience.


Answer by CDLosAngeles
It’s cheap during hurricane season… mainly June to September. My parents went a couple of years ago, because they found great deals, but they only enjoyed one day… then a hurricane hit and the vacation was ruined. I’m going in a few weeks, because so far, this year there hasn’t been any hurricanes… sometimes you just get lucky.

Question: Where can I get cheap airfare to Florida Christmas week from New York?


Answer by NYGIRL
I use expedia but I also found some good rates on

Question: Where can I find the cheapest airfare to Florida during Christmas vacation?
I’m looking to fly Dec 24 to Dec 30. Does anyone know where I can get a cheap plane ticket?


Answer by jzinger34
it all depends on where you are flying from. Flights get more expensive to Florida in the winter. I have always used when traveling, but there are sometimes cheaper fares.

Question: Does anyone know the best way to get cheap airfare and tickets to Universal Studios, Florida?
I’d love to take my mom to the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios for her birthday this year. But money is kinda tight right now. Does anyone know an inexpensive way to get there?


Answer by Idealist
a good travel agent will be able to assist you….

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  • ms bell

    I’ve been able to get some cheap airfares to Tampa on Southwest Airlines booking the flight in the fall, travelling in January. Southwest usually has plenty of sales, so be sure to check out their website. Also, the weather in the Tampa Bay area in January is great. Warm, sunny weather and little humidity or bugs. No crowds, either.

  • kadel

    You can get low fares almost any time of year except the holidays, but the fall is usually a very good time to get low fares. Be sure to book several months in advance.


    Search out the fares first, signup for last minute deals from jetblue,delta,spirit, to be emailed to you.DO NOT purchase online,(orbits,travelocity,etc-They jack up the fares as they dont work for free) Call the airlines direct for the BEST price. and yes, they haggle to a point) Find a car ride to share costs.? when do you need to return? how much luggage, leaing when?

  • menora

    Use FareChase, they search dozens of websites for you, so you dont have to!!!
    You can type “flights from new york to miami” or to orlando in Yahoo search, and fill the nifty search form that comes up!!!

  • junkfood

    what i tryed was cheap tickets and when i went to Florida we got on air tran was a nice flight but wait til Christmas so you get a better deal

  • R H

    just depends on where you are flying in and out of but you can look here too to see enter onlinefunandsun in the new guest box in the book travel online box

  • ksaur

    It’s best to book early. Try or United, Southwest, and AirTran airlines may have good deals. Enjoy your trip!

  • rets2618

    If Southwest Airlines has a route from where you are, they’re pretty reasonable. I usually take them to Orlando.

  • Dannigirl

    depends where your coming from, Southwest is usually the best. Jet blue if you book in advance, and fly on tues, wed, or thurs. as for the park, go online and see if there are any coupons at their website