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Q&A-which airline has cheap tickets from Jamaica to St. maarten in June?

Question: which airline has cheap tickets from Jamaica to St. maarten in June?


Answer by marek

Question: Cheap Tickets to Jamaica under 0.00?

I’m leaving from New York and I would like to find a site that offer any cheap tickets to Kingston, for the christmas time.


Answer by julie travelcaster
from where?

Question: Do anyone know how I can get some cheap tickets to go to Jamaica for christmas?


Answer by estee06
Ususally you get good deals from if you are looking for tix originating from USA – we got a great deal for our family in 2004-2005 Christmas (from Oakland to Montego Bay via Miami) for $ 300 pp.

If u r in UK, try – I have seen good deals there as well.

Question: Where can I find the cheapest tickets to jamaica?


Answer by difranco2k3

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  • Blake S

    Don’t worry about the cheapest airlines, b/c their prices vary all the time. Just focus on comparing all the major travel websites and you will find the best deal. Check out the link below. You can compare all of them from one location, while only entering your search criteria once. Good luck!

  • The pickle machine

    Book on priceline – bid for your final ticket price – I think U.S. Air has some specials going on this month. also cheapoair always has specials announced on their site. This site has lots of info on promotions and airline deals.

  • MO

    I just bought a ticket from Los Angeles to Montego Bay for $ 409 including taxes. I went through American Airlines and did a flexible date search to find the cheapest dates to fly. I leave Dec. 30. I got a good price because tickets are usually much more expensive during Dec.

  • Mel

    We were lucky when I booked our honeymoon back in 2005…..flew non-stop from Los Angeles to MoBay for $ 380 per person roundtrip via Air Jamaica. That’s the best price I’ve ever seen.

  • Lscc98

    you can try orbitz or…or maybe even check on ebay…they sell everything…you never know you might get lucky…have a great day and a good trip if you get to go.

  • noble travel

    Do you want just airline tickets or accomodations also? Email me at Air Jamacia Usually has good ticket prices. I am a travel agent so whereas the online websites are limited to their resources I work with several suppliers and can usually beat out expedia and other online travel sites. At no added cost to you!!

    Angela Brown
    Noble Travel

  • Johnny T

    i found much cheaper than the rest of the travel sites especially if your departing from Canada.

  • FrogLady

    Air Jamaica is the way we flew because it’s much cheaper than any other airline.

    Don’t be surprised if they bring out the bug spray!!! Jamaica is terrible for the bug infestation, but great pricing from the USA until you reach your destination.

  • lauren p

    I was going to Jamaica and all the tickets are 700.00+ I just decided to go for Nov.20 and it is 240.00 for coach round trip American airlines .

  • sunshinee

    check the funjet site they sell just air now. you could get seats for $ 299.99 round trip plus taxes.