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Where can I find a really cheap plane ticket to the Bahamas?

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Question: Where can I find a really cheap plane ticket to the Bahamas?
Hi, I am trying to find the best deal on where to get a plane ticket to the bahamas for christmas. When are the best times during the week and times to look for one and where. I have tried all of the major sites such as orbitz, travelocity, expedia, cheapflights, etc. I am really running out of time. Also, has anyone bought a plane ticket the day before departure and it was really cheap. Is it advisable to wait until the day before it get a cheap ticket? Thanks
I am flying from NC


Answer by christmas time is here 😀
well airtran has sales ALL THE TIME!!!! they have tickets to go places for like 49 bucks! just check around, also a travel agent might be able to help u find the best deal. GOOD LUCK and can i come with you??? haha jk

Question: I need a cheap plane ticket to Boston for two people.. What is the best website to check out?
I’m looking for two cheap tickets to Boston.
I’d like to go in early April of 2009 with my Dad for my birthday and him to visit his friend that lives up there.
We will both stay at his friends house, and I only need two seats on a plane.
What are some good trustworthy sites I could check out that will give me both quality yet affordable?
Please help!


Answer by Melissa
southwest airlines or

Question: What’s the best way to get a cheap plane ticket?
I’m flying to Nebraska this summer for a friend’s wedding and then again to Ohio for my brother’s wedding. What is the absolute cheapest way to get plane tickets?

Taking into consideration that I’ll have to pay to check at least one bag (unless I can fly Southwest). And at present I only make 20k a year so the cheapest plane ticket from Southwest still isn’t cheap enough!

So how can I find the ultimate deal or get the tickets cheaper than what the cheapest is now? Any tips?


Answer by Frank
online they have the best deal
the crap-er the airline is the more cheaper it is

if you book in advance you get some rocking deals

Question: where can I find a cheap plane ticket to hawaii?
i need to find plane tickets for an unaccompanied minor for march 30 2011 and return over spring break. Where can I find the cheapest ticket?


Answer by Brian
any fo the major travel sites, expedia, orbitz, travelocity, cheaptickets.

if you’re gonna buy tickets, buy them today. tues and wed have the cheapest tics.
we payed around 500 dollar a ticket, but right now tickets might be more expensive cause of spring break.

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  • Chubewanagrakferssw

    even an hour. go to the airport and if a crazy old woman was to get the flight they might give you her ticket

  • ahb101

    thats not going 2 work, all i could get in 4 the bahamas over christmas break is first class… u need a better job then 😀

  • Corporate Mom

    yeah good luck with that. With fuel prices the way they are all the airlines have jacked up their prices. Increased security measures since 9/11 have also forced them to increase prices. You can’t fly anywhere cheaply anymore. Maybe you can try Ebay or check ads in the paper or something for people wanting to sell their tickets. Usually waiting until the day before is not cheaper, just the opposite, if you buy way in advance it’s usually cheaper.

  • Meow2you

    try, if you can get your tickets like about 1-2 weeks before you go, then its really cheap, some friends of mine got tickets to cozumel, and included the hotel, for $ 300 per person for 10 days!!!!!!!

  • the ap king is in the house ppls

    You can get them at Here you can get your Bahamas plane tickets for a recommended price. In Orbitz, they give you a variety of choices where you can get hotel, plane, whatever you need at a price you may want. I guarantee it is going to be cheap.

  • mobilemark

    did you forgot something? something like from Where?
    for all we know you could flying from Russia or something

  • Ohi A

    You really need to book them soon… since it’s so close. Your best bet is You can compare ALL the reputable travel sites, and save money. Good luck!

  • Angela S

    Hey! I know an amazing travel agency that is a Travelocity partner so you can get a quote online or over the phone- they specialize in international travel and would love to give you a quote. Email me if you want their contact info

  • princessmeltdown

    You don’t say where you’re traveling from, so I’ll just refer you to Orbitz. They should have the lowest fares.

  • DaBomb Z

    Try They search multiple airlines and you can do flexible searches. I go to this site for all of my flights and they direct me to the cheapest site to actually purchase it.

  • hawkette

    at the airport, they sometimes have empty seats and if you call them they might give you a lower price. try them first then go to your phone book and call ticket agencies. they sometimes will give you a better seat if they are not full. better to have themselves look full than empty. southeast is the best planes with prices

  • Erica B

    Research, research, research! Be flexible to travel dates (flying in a day sooner or out a day earlier/later can have a big effect). Compare prices from different carriers. The farther in advance you can book the better. With the right size suit case you may not need to check your bag at all. Hope this helps a bit.

  • Saloni

    Go to
    At the right, you will find a search engine
    Fill in the destinations and number of people traveling and also the date of travel
    the search engine will find the cheapest priced air ticket for you.
    Its the best site. I always book my tickets from here.
    Happy Holidays!!

  • AnswerGirl

    The best way is to compare prices and remember that many of those “major” sites are owned by the same company (not much difference in prices) Therefore, don’t just rely on those sites! They make you think their prices are your only option!

    Be flexible with your dates, flight times and airports. Sometimes if you drive to a nearby airport you can save some money on the flight. If you spend the time doing the research, then you usually save money in the end.

    I suggest trying this site to see if they have anything that works for you:

  • Lisa B

    There are few cheap tickets to Hawaii these days. Still, here are two things to try: First,, which auctions off unsold tickets. Second, individual airlines’ last minute e-deals (you need to go to each airline’s web site to check for these).

    I wish you luck. My husband and I visit Hawaii from California about twice a year, and sometimes we work for hours to find a semi-cheap flight.

  • marie

    I don’t really see anyone addressing the unaccompanied minor (UM) question here.
    If you are having a child fly by themselves you need to consider more than just getting a cheap ticket.

    Many airlines do NOT let UM fly alone. You should make sure before you buy a ticket that the airline does allow your child to fly alone based on their age and flights.

    If your child is at the age that a UM fee is required you will pay this fee per segment. Meaning if they are flying from the East Coast to Hawaii that could be 2 or more segments each way.
    Marie Glodt
    Travel to Maui

  • bboy808 my cousin got her plane ticket to come to Hawaii to visit us from Georgia for $ 500 each including her husband and I think her child is cheaper I think but yeah she got a good deal