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Where to get discounts for plane tickets? And rental car discounts?

Question: Where to get discounts for plane tickets? And rental car discounts?
I need to buy plane tickets for Massachusetts or Maine from Orlando, and I need some discount tickets because I will be flying there every month. Any suggestions besides travelocity and other websites? I’d rather have some super discounts from buying other stuff or similar. Thanx.


Answer by PrncVegita

Question: Discounted plane tickets for disabled person?
Hi. I was just curious if there are any airlines that offer discounted plane tickets to people who need to travel across the country to go to medical appointments. My mother is on Social Security and is getting food stamp benefits, and can’t afford plane tickets to fly from Oregon to New York to attend appointments. She is in a clinical study for her Hypoparathyroidism, and it is important that she gets to these appointments, and has already had to skip one due to financial problems. I’d hate to see her miss another. Any advice is appreciated.


Answer by arya s
oh wow my family members have hypothyroid

try contacting the airlines, usually on the websites they state that you don’t have to pay for your tic only within 60 days~that’s pending on the credit score.

so fare as discounts go, no. they would perhaps just give the aisle seat.

i can really understand your pain(with your mother’s situation). but why not ask the doctor to loan you money~there are lots of kind doctors out there that go out of there way for their patients.

Question: Do airlines give discounts plane tickets to people with mental disabilities?
Who should they ask, how much of a discount does it average? And what type of proof are the mentally disabled people required to provide?


Answer by All the Best
No. That would be discriminatory. They might get offered jobs at the ticket counter though.

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  • thewordofgodisjesus

    I like going to “Cheap Airline Tickets” on Google. Lemme know if there’s any better option. I taking on the WORLD!!

  • greenfeen185

    welll i do not kno where you can get discounts but i do know you can fly JetBlue for $ 56 each way.

  • Jason P is my favorite. You can do it 2 ways, name your price or comparison. As long as you don’t care who you fly with or rent cars from the name your price option is great.

  • dannyborga

    hey man,

    you’ve got to go to and fly into PVD …very easy to get FREE tickets on southwest. Today the internet fares came out and they where 137.50 round trip …get an AMEX card and transfer your points in Southwest…very easy.

  • gromit801

    No real chance of that. Regardless of the reason, she’s still filling a seat.

    If the study won’t pay for her air fare, should do one of two things: Stay in NY while the study goes on, or quit the study.

  • travelgirl218

    Some airlines offer Medical Emergency fares still, like American. Although I am not sure if she would be covered under their policy. Probably have to check with them directly.
    Also, check with the clinical study group directly, see if they will provide some of the cost.
    If she is involved with a local church group or similar, ask for donations or if people will be willing to donate miles.

    Last case, if none of the above apply, see if there is anyway that they can do this clinical research in a facility in Oregon

  • flyguy

    I had a friend years ago who approached Delta with a similar problem and received free tickets… at least once I know of. However, those days are probably over.
    Airline Employees do however have large numbers of “buddy passes” that they can give out to “friends or family” and are often solicited for just such a cause as yours. Perhaps re-post on here seeking airline employee assistance with this. They cannot however receive any compensation on these tickets. Actually, many airline employees think they are a “pain” and would rather give them out and use them up as quickly as possible. But for you they may be perfect. Best wishes to your Mom and it will work out..