South Africa

With reliable sunshine, almost 2000 miles of sandy beaches, a mighty wooded mountain escarpment criss-crossed with hiking trails and over 500 game farms, parks and reserves, South Africa is an extremely appealing destination for nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

South Africa is an enormous place, roughly five times the size of Britain. Unless you plan to spend a few months in the country, it would be hard to take in the great variety of sights in a single visit.

Classic sights? The Kruger National Park and the Kalahari Gemsbok Park are two of Africa’s great game reserves. The Cape peninsula where two oceans meet, must rank as one of the most beautiful and striking sights in the world, let alone the continent.

But make time too, to head off the beaten track – to explore the far reaches of Northern Province with its sacred lakes, home of the python-god, the Eastern Cap and its long, bond beaches, fringed with indigenous rainforest; the Rip van Winkle stone-build villages of the Free State and the majestic open expanse of the Great Karoo.

While South Africa’s public transport system is improving, it is still pretty limited and won’t take you into the country’s most intriguing corners. To get the most out of your trip, it is strongly recommended that you hire a car.

Top Sites and Attractions

Cape Town, Johannesburg


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Lodging in South Africa

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