Holiday Tips

6 Greatest Holiday Fashion Hits for Summer

Whenever you are planning out for a summer holiday, whether summer is approaching or you are heading off to holidaying at famous beaches like Bora Bora, Bahamas, Maldives or Mauritius, ladies as usual will be thinking their head off for the most suitable yet glamorous summer holiday wardrobe. So, ladies, here are the top summer holiday fashion hits.

Neon Dresses to spice up your holiday fashion
Neon color theme dresses are becoming more and more popular. You can find top designers’ work focusing on bold neon fashion – pinks, yellows, blues, reds in neon style.

Neon dresses for summer holiday fashion

What about Neon Accessories?
Neon dresses are too striking for you? No worries, it is so much fashionable to match your low color dresses with neon accessories – handbags, sunglasses, hats, bracelets, ear-rings and so much more.

Neon Accessories Fashion

Holiday fashion with Silk
For silk lovers, you are right! Silk dresses, long or short can be glamorous yet casual. A silk dress is just the right style for a night BBQ party by the beach.

Holiday Fashion with Silk

Wrap Skirts or Pareos
No matter which summer season you are in, you just can’t simply go without a beach wrap-over skirt. It is also called Pareo which is a Tahitian word. Pareos are mostly made of batik prints in cotton or even in silk. They are very comfortable and wonderful. It is amazing that for the same piece of wrap skirt, there are more than 10 ways to wear. There are short, knee length and long wrap skirts. It is the perfect beachwear, especially to wrap around your bikini.

Wrapped Beachwear

Striped Bikini for this summer
Talking about bikini, which is an obvious essential, why don’t you try out striped fashioned bikini? They just look so much sweeter and sexier!

Stripped bikini holiday fashion

Summer fashion Jewelries
Now this is of course depending on your dresses and gowns. Here are some tips though. Long and multi-fold necklace blends in nicely with a sole color dress. Chandelier earring is another big hit. It gives a glamorous look to your casual beautiful beachwear.

Summer fashion jewelriesSummer fashion Jewelry

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